With over 10 years of experience servicing solar systems across Hawaii, we work with equipment from all brands and installers. It's easy to forget about your system when it's working properly, but a little maintenance can extend its life, and prevent any safety hazards.

Making sure that the system maintains proper functionality and continues to run smoothly and efficiently is important. If one piece is not running properly then the entire system will fail to function as it should.

Dealing with a malfunctioning system is a huge waste of money. That is why here at SolarTech Industries, we offer a wide variety of maintenance and warranty services for solar panels and solar battery systems.

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What happens after your installation is just as important, and we provide continuing service to all of our installed customers.


Our full-service monitoring is perfect for making sure that your solar power system is working properly at all times.

Roof Integrity

Making sure that installation penetrations are properly sealed is especially important here in Hawaii. Bad waterproofing can cause all kinds of problems.

Production Issues

With the variety of equipment installed locally, all kinds of problems can come up. Our technicians are experienced with many systems and can help you get back to full power.

Warranty Replacement

We can help you file your warranty claim and install your replacement panels for you. You can read more about the warranty process here.

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Check Your Performance

We always ensure your system is working at maximum efficiency. Our photovoltaic maintenance inspection is important to our clients without monitoring software that can measure the output remotely.

We will go through your entire system piece by piece ensuring that everything is running smoothly. When one piece of your photovoltaic system isn’t functioning properly, then the entire system is compromised.

That is why we leave no stone unturned. Taking these steps to ensure your system remains efficiently functioning will extend the life of your system but it will also ensure that your system is always at its best.

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