We make it our number one priority to ensure that your system is properly installed and actively maintained. If your photovoltaic system requires a solar panel replacement and is eligible for a warranty replacement we will handle your replacement for you.

SolarTech Industries actually handles all sorts of warranty replacements for all different types of PV systems.

Depending on the manufacturer of your solar panels you will either be eligible for a warranty from 5 years up to 25 years, so double-checking your warranty is very important. There are actually 2 different types of warranties that you need to be aware of. There is a product warranty as well as a performance warranty.


No matter who the manufacturer is, your solar panels will slightly decline in performance year by year as every electronic device does.

Most manufacturers will offer a guarantee that their solar panels will not decline in performance up to a certain percentage over the life span of the panels. For example, usually, the guarantee will be that the panels will not decline more than 10 to 20 percent in efficiency over the initial 25-year guaranteed lifespan.

If your panels start to underperform the manufacturer will either make sure that the panel is repaired or replaced. It’s as simple as that.


Again, no matter who your manufacturer is, your solar panels should work properly for at least the given warranty time (either being 5 – 25 years). Most manufacturers offer a 10-year warranty on their photovoltaic system.

We help with the claim, and once your warranty replacement claim has been approved, we can help with the removal and replacement of your new functioning system too.

We ensure that your new components are properly installed and the whole system is functioning normally again. Then we dispose of the malfunctioning panels for you.


If your roof starting to look a little rough and ragged? If you need your roof replaced SolarTech Industries is here to help with your panels. We will safely remove your photovoltaic system and store it onsite for you. Once your roofing project is finished we will help properly reinstall your panels and make sure that the system is functioning properly for you once more.

If you need help with either filing a warranty claim, replacing your panels, or even just removing them temporarily, SolarTech Industries is here to help. We take pride in helping our Hawaii customers and making sure they know their photovoltaic system is in good hands. For more information on how we can help you with your PV system give us a call at (808) 784-8891.

The WarrantyClaim Process

The warranty claim process for your photovoltaic panels is not easy. The manufacturer will require documentation of several different things in order to process your warranty claim.

The manufacturer should have a list on their website of things they need in order to process your claim. Usually, the claim will require things like a copy of the original proof of purchase, proof of installation, any serial and model numbers, and evidence of the product not functioning as it should.

It's a lot of work, that's why our fulfillment staff will help you file your claim. We will help you get all of the paperwork together and performing the voltage and current testing required to finalize the claim process.

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