How long will it take to have my Solar PV system running?

The timeline between executing an installation agreement and having your solar PV system fully commissioned and online with HECO billing can typically range from 2-4 months.

SolarTech Industries provides a complete timeline for you as we guide the process through the design, engineering, permitting, application, installation, and commissioning stages.

How much does a solar system cost?

Whatʻs the difference between String Inverters and Micro Inverters?

Can I be completely off ʻthe gridʻ when I buy Solar PV?

If I buy battery storage, will I always have power, even when the grid goes down?

Whatʻs the difference between HECOʻs CGS+ and CSS programs?

Will I have to upgrade my HECO meter when I switch to Solar PV?

What factors go into the size of Solar PV system that I need?

Iʻm planning to add more AC to my home in the future, how will this impact the size of Solar PV system that I need to buy?

Will my Ensemble™ energy management technology system automatically switch to backup during grid outage?

How big of a system do I need to back up my home?

Will my solar PV system continue to produce power when there is a grid outage?

Do I need to reduce my energy consumption during a grid outage?

Is Ensemble™ energy management technology safe?

Where are Ensemble™ energy management technology system components typically installed?

Does an Ensemble™ energy management system require any regular maintenance?

How long are the warranties for Ensemble™ system components?

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