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We got started in the middle of the Solar Boom in 2013. Equipment was finally good enough to power a home, and cheap enough to buy yourself, so it was going up everywhere. New companies popped up left and right, even coming in from out of state, but only a few of them offered service after the fact. Most people had no one to call if one bad string inverter took down the whole system.

Most of our early clients were families like these, and we had to learn fast, because we ran into every kind of equipment installed every kind of way. We repaired lots of bad electrical work, leaking roofs, and generally rushed installations. We made the most of what people already had and this is still our approach to service and repairs today.

We preserve as much equipment as possible, replace what we have to, and monitor the output afterwards to make sure it's producing.

10 years later, we've grown from one truck, to over 20 employees here in Honolulu. We install our own systems now, with equipment we trust, and monitoring software that tracks performance and makes warranty claims easier than ever.

Reach out if you need help or you want to know what the real numbers look like in your area. Our whole sales process is just finding and presenting the most cost-efficient options based on your goals. The numbers take care of themselves.

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