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Photovoltaic Monitoring, Maintenance, & Repair

Call us today for a Solar Maintenance Checkup on your photovoltaic system.
We'll ensure that your system is running properly and producing at peak efficiency.


SolarTech Industries offers the most comprehensive online monitoring for your photovolatic system. Every module will be closely monitored and diagnosed for any production issues.


SolarTech Inudstries offers comprehensive Photovoltaic & Solar Hot Water Inspections. You will receive a detailed inspection report along with suggested repairs. This will ensure the productivity of your system.


SolarTech Industries specializes in photovoltaic and solar hot water maintenance & repair. From warranty replacements to system failures, no job is too big or too small for our qualified technicians.
SolarTech Industries

SolarTech Industries is the only company in Hawaii that specializes in photovoltaic monitoring, maintenance, and repair.

At SolarTech Industries, we service and repair all types of photovoltaic systems. From online monitoring to complete system repairs, we are your one stop shop for photovoltaic service. No job is too big or too small for our qualified technicians. We strive to maximize the amount of energy every system produces. Throughout the life of your system, inverters will under produce and in some cases fail. We handle all panel and inverter warranty claims directly through the Manufacturer. We will diagnose and determine whether any of your modules are eligible for warranty replacement. We also repair production issues that are not covered under the Manufacturer's warranty such as blown fuses, defective breakers, and installer error. If not tended to, these types of issues will usually cost the homeowner hundreds if not thousands of dollars due to their system not producing any power. Our sole purpose is to ensure the productivity of all our customers' systems.